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Scale your
Remote Sales Team.



Having trouble closing deals and setting up appointments? We got you covered! We provide you Top-Tier Remote Sales Representatives from the Philippines. 

Let us help you get the results you want!

Provide you Top-TierSales Candidates

We provide you Topnotch SDRs, VAs, Cold Callers and Appointment Setters that could book you more meetings and close you more deals.

Provide Top- Tier Coaching, Mock Calling and Sales Training

We don't just provide you Top Quality Candidates. We make sure that the candidates we provide you are well-equipped and well-trained before being onboarded.

Help you with Sales Scripting and Workflow Consultancy

We can help you craft a Tailor-fit Pitch for your Sales Team and provide consultancy on how you can improve and automate your workflow.

Meeting Room

Why Komodo?


Over 100+ SDRs, VAs, Cold Callers and Appointment Setters Hired, Trained and Supported.


We have a personal network of over 8000+ Topnotch Sales Candidates. 


We've helped a great number of Startups scale and our SDRs have helped them produce over $1m+ in Sales Revenue.


Get to Know Us

Yes. Just like Komodo Dragons, our pool of Cold-blooded Sales Representatives thrive even in the toughest and harshest sales environments. Sales is cut-throat, you deserve nothing but the best talent.

Komodo Recruitment is a unique Staffing Agency that specializes in providing High-performance Sales Development Representatives. Our team of Sales experts are dedicated to help you book more appointments and hit your revenue goals.

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